Congratulations to Rebecca…Our Fall Paleo Challenge Winner! Rebecca absolutely bought into our 8 week Paleo Challenge and ended up loosing a remarkable 27lbs!!!!  My motto for this challenge was, “Make it a war for 8 weeks.” Well, Rebecca responded and lost the most weight out of any of our current or past Challenge contestants! Great work Rebecca

Abmber took home second place with an impressive 15.5lbs lost. She showed determination by consistently showing up for our 6am class, as well as by keeping a sharp focus on eating only quality paleo foods.



With the gym closed next week I have been asked to provide some “No (or little) equipment necessary workouts” to get folks through until we return on Monday December 27th. As always remember to get a proper warm-up with movement specific mobility work prior to saying “3-2-1…GO!!!!”

“Annie”s evil Twin”

50,40,30,20,10 of….
Lunges and sit-ups

This workout has been completed with body-weight lunges, as well as weighted lunges. If you are accustomed to weight, and don”t have access to dumbbells, get creative. 2.5 gallon water jugs work well in a pinch.

“10-1 Burpee Bear Crawl”

First, Mark out 50ft for your bear crawl distance. This distance represents the width our our gym. Then complete 10 burpees followed by one 50ft bear crawl; followed by 9 burpees and another 50ft bear crawl. The burpees will decent until you complete one burpee.

*Note that the bear crawl distance will stay at 50ft per round. Do not make the mistake of performing 10 bear crawl lengths; followed by 9 bear crawl lengths etc etc. This will make for a very long and miserable workout!


Jog for one minute
Run hard for one minute

10 rounds

“Double Under Ladder”

If you have access to a jumprope this is an excellent way to quantify your double-under prowess. In seven minutes work your way as high up the “ladder” as possible. With a running clock perform 5 unbroken double-unders, you can have single jumprope jumps between doubles, however, you can”t miss either a singe jumprope jump or double-under. Once you complete 5 unbroken double-unders, stop! Then complete 10 unbroken double-unders. Continue to climb up the ladder by adding 5 unbroken double-unders after each successful attempt. Once the seven minutes are over your score is your last completed set.

*Note: The gym record is 45. That is 225 unbroken double-unders in 7 minutes!

“Run Squat Repeat”

400m run
30 air squats
5 rounds

Find yourself a high school track and go to town! This is simple but devastating workout. Only complete this workout if you are free for a few days and don”t mind feeling like you have been beaten with a baseball bat.


Here is Bob performing a pretty solid overhead squat. What you don”t see in this picture is the back-end work required for Bob to complete a proper overhead squat. For many folks the over head squat is a woefully difficult exercise which simultaneously requires shoulder, hip, and ankle flexibility. If your having flexibility issue related to the any movements commonly seen in crossfit visit (here) and let Kelly Starrett, DPT straighten you out!