Our goal in taking a much need rest from the gym is to limit the scheduling conflict of our members to the best of our abilities. However, if your class is affected we sincerely apologize and hope you are able to adjust your workout schedule until the week of February 12th-at which time our normal class schedule will resume.

Only classes that are canceled are listed. All other classes will take place at their normal time. Please look carefully. Just because a class is canceled on a monday doesn”t guarantee it will be canceled the rest of the week.

Monday-Level 2 class at 8am
Monday-Level 3 class at 5pm
Tuesday-Level 1 class at 7am
Wednesday-Level 3 class at 5pm
Thursday-Level 1 class at 7am
Friday-Level 3 class at 5pm
Saturday-Level 1 class at 8am
Saturday-Level 2 class at 9am