Last few days

Skylar and Brett are two of the most committed and hard working Crossfiters you could ever meet.  So it is appropriate that that they will be representing us this weekend during the Nor Cal regional qualifier. For competitors and spectators the excitement is increasing as we inch closer to Saturday and Sunday, and the difficulty of this years workouts are an indication that some of the fittest athletes on earth reside right here in Northern California.  


One Big Looser   


Greg has been kicking some serious butt since starting up at L10XF in September.  He works hard at consistently making his workouts each week, and is equally dedicated to completing all workouts at Rx”d weight.  However, he switched into another gear when he started tweaking his diet via our “Paleo Challenge”.  The good since then is that Greg has lost over 17 pounds.  The bad new is that a smaller tool belt and a new wardrobe aren”t cheap! Great Job, Greg.


Paleo Challenge Part Deux 

Well, our six week Paleo Challenge will officially wrap up on May 2nd.  A huge thanks goes out to everyone who put their name down and were accountable for the choices that are maid outside the gym.  If you have been excited by the results that have been seen these past six weeks, or if you feel you could have made some wiser food and lifestyle choices, then gear up for the next installment of the Paleo Challenge beginning May 11th.


The Magnesium Miracle

Magnesium has been a buzz word around the gym lately.  As with most things, at first mention the result is usually in one ear and out the other (just ask my wife). However, once the same topic hits me upside the head a few times I usually turn and take notice.  Case in point-magnesium.  Like most other markers of health our downward turn started when we became heavily dependent on cerial grains, low fat eating, and high levels of sodium.  Here is a list of known conditions that research has correlated with: heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, asthma, chronic bronchitis, cronic fatigue syndrome, migraine headaches, muscle cramps.

Quite a long list for a mineral that get so little attention.  For further reading click (here) and read about the link between low level magnesium and chronic migraines.

In addition, “many disorder of hearth rhythm are related to insufficient level of magnesium in the heart muscle.  Magnesium was first shown to be of value in the treatment of cardiac arrythmias in 1935.”-Excerpt from Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine

For more click (here)