A huge congratulations to everyone who stepped up and entered our fall Paleo Challenge.  The top five where chosen by Megan and myself, and those individuals where then left with the hard task of picking the top three.  When the dust settled the three that remained were Keely (1st place) John (2nd place) and James (3rd place). Rhonda and Jenny each had some stunning results which earned them a spot in the top five. Great work to everyone who competed.





Before and after pictures of the top three will be posted shortly.  Congratulate these folks when you see them in the gym…They earned it!


M.V.C (most valuable caveman/cavewoman)

Tammy is our most valuable cavewoman.  Tammy was rock solid on her weekly food logs, spent a ton of time educating her family on Paleo eating, and has had a huge jump in strength and performance.  One of her 2010 goals is to complete every workout as RX”d.  Great work, Tammy!