Announcing a new time to get fit!

This coming Monday April 27th will be the kick off for our newly opened 6am class.  The class will run on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays and will no doubt be one of our most popular classes times.  The summer heat won”t be able to touch this group of committed crossfiters!  So, if you have been hesitant on starting because you weren”t sure you could get the kids off to school, or ready for work, this is your time to have fun while working your way towards the best shape of your life.  


Something in the water

First pull-ups and pull-up pr”s (personal records) have been drop”n left and right.  I haven”t been able to catch them all, however, the camera was in hand when sara decided to ditch the band and knock out her first set of real kipping pull-ups. Take a look see.