Debbi has been a L10Xf regular since we first rolled up our doors in June.  During her time with us she has ratcheted up her performance (she completed Helen as Rx”d this week) and has made the necessary tweaks to her diet. One of those tweaks included clearing the cabinets of non paleo foods.  Not only did this halt those midnight moments-of-weakness-cheats, but her persistence has carried over to her husband, Bob.  To date Bob has lost 15 pounds, and seems play casino online to be adjusting just fine to things such as spaghetti squash and other not to shabby carb substitutes. 


Rhonda, our resident CrossFit mama, is nearing her seventh month and is still moving like a champ.  In Fact, dispite the added weight, Rhonda is still working on getting her first kipping pull-up; which will most likely arrive shortly after little Bella does.