Wow, the hard and sometimes slow process of learning the kipping pull-up is paying off big time for many who workout at our little gym. So, here is a sneak peak at this weeks pull-up queens…stay tuned because there are a good half dozen women looking to give the jumpstretch bands a nice swift kick to the fanny!!! 



Crossfitvirtuosity has some excellent posts on hand care, and being that many of you are getting pull-ups for the first time I thought your little paws would appreciate a few less rips. So, lets give the good folks at bagbalm a rest and learn some new hand care skills. Part three (here) is partiularly helpful in that it outlines how to return to training after ripping one”s hands.

and yes this post is in resonse to the pain of one of our own!


Cari and Jamie are rock”n through their five Elements sessions and will soon be joining our group class system.  Cari will be heading into our 6pm class, while Jamie will be looking to launch our soon to be added 6am class.