The Crossfit community wide fundraiser workout “Fight Gone Bad” is this Saturday starting at 9 am, and although as a gym we have been lax in pushing the fundraiser end of things there is still time to make our goal of $500.  Those of you planning on giving can make checks out to “Sports Grants”.  Both cash and check donations will receive a receipt if one is needed. Remember there is no minimun donation and every bit will help us get to our goal.

The workout portion of the day will begin, as usual, with some dynamic range of movement (d-rom) exercises, calistenics, and light running.  We will then transition to the Rx”d girls and guys,  each athlete will have a counter so please attend even if you do not plan on working out, your help will be greatly appreciated and needed.  The Rx”d weights along with the scaling is as follows:

  1. Class A: Standard Men = 75lb push-press and sumo deadlift high pull, 20lb wall- ball and 20 inch box jump
  2. Class B: Modified Men/Standard Women = 55lb push-press and sumo deadlift high pull, 14lb wall-ball and 20 inch box Jump
  3. Class C: Intermediate = 35lb push-press and sumo deadlift high pull, 8lb wall-ball and 20 inch box Jump (step ups are okay)
  4. Class D: Beginner/Kids = 15lb push-press and sumo deadlift high pull, 4lb wall-ball (can be lowered to 8 foot target) and 10 inch box jumps

I can”t wait for this event…it is sure to be another good one


Tips on Alcohol and the famous Nor Cal Margarita

A number of folks have commented that they would love to give the upcomming Paleo Challenge a shot but the thought of giving up their wine is a deal breaker. Well, below is a supper short video from our neighbor in Chico, Robb Wolf, who has some helpful hints that can help us make the best of some really bad alcohol choices. Check it out, and next time your smooze”n make the Nor Cal Margarita. Cheers!

The NorCal Margarita- (thanks to Robb Wolf of CrossFit NorCal for sharing his secret recipe)
1 tall shot of tequila
Juice and pulp of 1/2 lime (squeeze the crap out of that lime and rake the pulp out with a fork)
Soda water (fill to taste)