Change of Date

Due to the inordinate amount of people who expressed disappointment with the date presented for our “gym wide workout”, we will be moving the date back one week.  Sorry for the inconvenience.  We will now be enjoying this workout on Saturday March 21st at 4pm.  


What are your thoughts on the Concept 2 rower


If you are partial to the rower then you have demonstrated by your response that you have not been on the rower much!  The impact of a hard rowing effort-for us typically under 1,000 meters-can leave quite an impact.  

Note: The concept 2 monitor is extremely versatile.  One function that we use often is the “pace boat” feature.  This allows the individual rowing to set up a boat that moves at a constant-preset pace.  The goal is to set up the pace boat to ensure that if said boat is beaten you will have completed the row in desired time.  However, the trick is to distinguish between your boat and the “pace boat”.  Crossfit “manimal” Brett made this mistake mid row (couldn”t figure out why he couldn”t catch the lead boat-turns out he was the lead boat) and nearly killed himself…he ended up netting a 3:16 1,000 meter time.  So I guess the mistake ended up working in his favor.  


Here is a snippet from an interview with David Zava, Ph.D., a biochemist and an experienced breast cancer researcher.  He stated in an interview:

“In studying the literature on soy I found there are about five types of plant chemicals in the soybean that can be toxic to humans if they are not removed by special processing… the fifth antinutrient in soybeans is called a goitrogen. This is a chemical that latches on to iodine, preventing it from absorbing into the body from the gastrointestinal tract. Iodine is needed to make thyroid hormone. Low thyroid function has been associated with poor brain development. Anyone who has been deficient in thyroid hormone understands quite well what impact this can have on normal brain function, especially at a time in life as we grow older and “fuzzy thinking” creeps into our vocabulary.”

Interestingly a few years ago my wife”s grandfather was having episodes of early onset dementia. The doctors examined his diet and found his soy intake to be extremely high.  They immediately ordered him off of soy.  Shortly after the change his memory and mental acuity  returned to normal.