Depression in the United States has doubled in the past ten years.  Statistics are showing that 23% of us will battle this disease at some point in our lives.  In the past depression has been classified as a biological issue only, and therefore treated with copious amounts of various anti-depresent medication (read: big money for drug manufactures).  However, more attention is being paid to the ramifications that refined carbs, sugar, and poor sleep are having on our health and well being. Now, obviously, depression is a complex and nuanced topic that can”t be solved by any one solution (medication included).  Yet with a little education, some dedicated and consistant lifestyle changes, and open communication between patients and their primary care physician (PCP) a huge dent can be put in the number of folks who suffer from the effects of depression.

Below is a crossfit/paleo approach to alievating depression:


Exercise is it”s own anti-depresant.  Research is showing that it”s role is often times as effective as medication, as it helps to improve the utilization of brain chemicals such as seritonin and dopamine.


Social conections help alieviate depression, the culture of Crossfit”s “community” helps to forge bonds of friendship both in and out of the gym.


Exposure to the sun helps your body with vitamin D synthysis which enhances our mood and can even help us get a better nights sleep


Pop”n your fishoil pills and cutting our refined carbs will put you well on your way to maintaining a sound mind & body.



Just a reminder that our Saturday 9am class will be canceled due to the holiday weekend.  In addition, our Monday schedule will be limited to only one class at 5pm. So if you can head over and join in on a little holiday workout fun.  The WOD in question will be “FIGHT GONE BETTER”.  This will be a twist on the classic WOD “Fight Gone Bad” so come our at 5pm and see what we have in store for ya!



Congratulations go our to Skylar for hitting a 45kg snatch during our thursday Olympic lifting class.  AWESOME JOB, GIRL!!!!



Cari has some hight standards for how her burpees are done



Amy “diva factor” at Level 10