The 2009 crossfit games will be upon us quicker than we would all like.  Will you be a competitor or a spectator?  For those interested in seeing some truly remarkable athletes perform at their best you can purchase tickets ahead of time by clicking () If you are planning on competing at the regional game then keep an eye on the norther california regional blog found (here

Affiliate Cup

The affiliate cup is a team competition that runs during the main CrossFit games in July.  Each team is guaranteed three workout during the course of the weekend. The teams must have two males and two females with no more than six total team members. The cost is two-hundred dollars per team. Scaling for abilities levels is available. however, doing so will disqualify the team for the championships held on Sunday July 12.

For those interested see myself or Megan.




Marcia is one of our loyal early birds who has been working hard to gain back strength and mobility.  Great work, Marcia.  



Cristy and Jake throwing down a killer workout in the afternoon.  Oh, yeah, Jake is taking a break from his pushups…not crawling to the rower. Just thought I would clarify!!!




“When this baby (puppy) hits eighty-eight mph your gonna see some serious shit”

What famous Doctor said this awesome line?

Post your answer to comments alone with your favorite line for this cinematic master piece.