Here are the implements that will be used for Wod #1 of our “Fall Strength Challenge.”  This picture represents the mens weight and will be scaled back for the women”s heats.  Remember to sign up by October 23rd in order to get your event t-shirt.


The “Crossfit world” is woefully deficient in pulling movements.  Kipping pull-ups are employed often, however, on a whole pushing movements dominate the crossfit scene.  This is not only detrimental to your overall fitness, it is unhealthy from a postural and injury standpoint.  This week look to add in more pulling movements to help facilitate proper balance between opposing muscle group.  Try things like dynamic sled pulls, barbell rows, Kroc rows, or even the good ol” body row using gymnastic rings (add an elevated box if you feel spunky.)  Another pulling movement that doesn”t get the attention it deserves is the basic gym class rope climb.  practice the different progressions till each one can be used on a moments notice!  still want a challenge? try climbing with no feet!