Congratulations to Alison who finished 1st in her division at the summer sizzle 10k event in Chico this past weekend.  Alison finished with a time of 49:37 dispite the fact that she has cut her road running down considerably.  About the race Alison said, “I just kept thinking about how much my legs hurt on the rower, and how the run wasn”t nearly as bad as that!”



Tammy and her boys finishing up a tough session of sledge hammer hits, bear crawls, and tire drags.  This one won”t be easily forgotten.  Great work, team!



Sadly Kaitlyn will be leaving us shortly to attend her first year at “the” Point Loma Nazarene University.  So when you see her in the gym next week wish her well on her next journey in life.  We will keep you in our thoughts… particularly on day 100 of the Burpee challenge, ha ha!