Its hot and your smoked after your last run with nothing but a few kettlebell swings between you and the post workout foam rolling session.  So, what do you do, you reach down and with one hand you pick up the bell with your shoulders rounded over like a question mark.  Such an offense against proper movement mechanics used to be punishable by a run to the fence and back.  This curtailed the problem for a bit, but it eventually made its way back.  Our latest method of behavior modification is to impose a 10 burpee penalty on everyone in the class for every midline stabilization infraction.  Pick up a bell with a rounded back-10 post workout burpees for the entire class.  Same goes for deadlifts, D-ball slams, or any other movement that requires you to pick up something off the floor.  This may sound harsh but we are serious about your safety-both in and out of the gym.

On a side note this new method has be darn near flawless in it application thus far.  So much so that we will be bringing to you, our loyal members, new and creative ways to get desired behaviors engrained into your grey mater….
If you can think of an infraction that should warrant burpees throw your suggestion into the comments section and we will see if it makes the cut!


“On Ramp” Class #6


“On Ramp” class for new members will be back in August.  Stop by the gym or contact us to reserve your spot today.



Congratulations to Cindy for recently getting her first rope climb!  Great work