I take great pride in hearing how training at L10XF has impacted  the lives of individuals outside the gym.  Hiking up Mt. Lassen, throwing your hat into a 5k run on a whim, or donating a box of clothes that once were snug but are now to lose to wear.  However, one element that gets considerably less attention, but one that is none-the-less paramount in our training, is developing the ability to mentally persevere  through difficult circumstances.  This point was reiterated this morning when a small handful of fundamental session graduates made their first appearance in their respective group class.  As equipment was being set up, and the workout discussed,  the topic of nervousness was brought up.  Long time members offered kind words and lessons they had learned from their time as first time attendees.  In this setting it was easy to see an air of confidence on the faces of those who had preceded their newer classmates. Their confidence wasn”t derived from some supreme fitness, or the ease of the days workout, but rather a knowledge that the workout will begin and after it is over their life will be different in some shape or form.  And in this way the Crossfit method of training places an individual on a path that will push them through a tough workout-as well as a tough day at the office.


Skylar at the Nor Cal regional qualifier…getting out of our little gym is a great way to test not only your abilities but your mental strength



Our saturday morning class was capped off with some odd object get-ups.  Here Jay gets crazy with 80lb”s over his head



Mike hurt his shoulder wrastl”n but that hasn”t stopped him from hanging out with his 6am peers!