In this corner, weighing in at 110 pounds and pushing 89 years of age and the recent recipient of a brand new plastic hip, Joseph “Blue” Polaski.-Old School

What type of life do you want? Can you think of all the ways in which strength enhances and enables your everyday life?  Don”t worry most folks cant either…Until that is they cant do the thing in which they are normally accustomed to.  Gardening, Picking up the grandchildren, jogging with the dog on a fall evening.  All of these things requires strength which is produced by your muscular system.  The best way to hedge yourself from the loss of muscle is to perform multi-joint movements such as the deadlift and squat.

What are we up against?

Muscle mass decreases as we age.  Studies have shown this decrease in muscle can begin as early as our mid-twenties.  In fact in our fourth decade of life adults can loose 3%-5% of muscle mass per year.  Again, this has a dramatic effect upon our independence, balance, and overall outlook upon life.

What can be done?

Fortunately we can take charge of our life and build muscle mass at any age.  One study done on 72-98 year old subjects showed 2.7% increase in muscle mass after 10 weeks of strength training done on a leg press machine.  What would happen if these same subjects where coached with better movements and better nutrition?

Crossfit:  Not just for physical specimens and genetic freaks

Rumors about with what “is” and “is not” CrossFit.  However, here at Level 1o CrossFit we have a wide range of programs aimed at placing people in an environment where they will be successful.  One such environment is our “Low intesity” class.  This class meets three days per week on Tuesdays, thursdays, and Saturdays.  Our focus is on building strength and confidence through barbell lifts and sound nutriton. It is a regular occurrence to hear participant remark about how added strength has improved their life in ways they could have not imagined previously. For more information on our programs, or to inquire about signing up, call 530.403.9866 or email