Here we go! Decided to release these workout a little early.

Workout #1 “Farmers Walk and Sandbag Sprint”

The workout will begin with a 350m row on the concept two rowers.  You will then exit the rower and immediatly pick up your sandbag (50/70).  You will then run down a small hill (aprox. 75 meters) where you will drop your sandbag and run back towards the top of the hill.  At the top you will procede to your appointed farmers walk station.  Next you will pick up farmers walk handles (140/ 320) and walk approximately 50m around a cone, and back to your original farmers walk start position. Dropping you handles you will once again run down the small hill and retrieve your sandbag and run up the hill.  The workout is completed when you have physically stepped on the 4×6 stall mat that marks your farmers walk starting and ending point.

Time Cap: 7 minutes

Male winner: John P. 3:52

Female winner: Jenny L. 4:11

*Scaled weight for the farmers walk is 100lbs total for women and 280lb total for men

Workout #2 “Press & Box Jump”

Each Athlete will have 7 minutes to complete a 1 rep max strict press and a max height boxjump.  This will be done “conga line” style starting with the athletes from heat #1.  Each station will be set up with a barbell and weights (two 45″s, 2 25″s, 2 10″s, a pair of 5″s and a pair of 2.5″s).  Each station will also have a 30 inch box and 5-45lb plates (4 inch height) and 5-25lb plates (2 inch height)  from which to assemble their max height box jump. The competitors time will begin once the bar is removed from the rack (they must attempt a starting press weight first).  In addition, a final attempt may be made as long as the bar is removed from the rack within the designated time.  The final score will be calculated by adding up the weight pressed in lbs and the height in inches.  A tie will go to the athlete with the higher press weight.  If still tied the lighter athlete will place higher.

Male winner: John F. 259

Female winner: Heather P. 147

Workout #3 “Swing, Burpee, Pull-up, Clean”

Perform five rounds for total reps of:

Kb swing- 44lbs/70lbs, 20 sec

rest 15 sec

lateral burpees over a loaded barbell, 20 sec

rest 15 sec

15/35lb weighted pull-up, 20 sec

rest 15 sec

87/135 pound clean, 20 sec

rest 15 sec

*Scaled weight for women is 35lb bell for kb swings, strict pull-ups, and 65lb clean.  Scaled weight for men is 53lb bell for kb swings, strict pull-ups, and 95lb clean.  In addition you may scale one movement while keeping they others RX”d.  This, however, will still result in a “scaled” workout.

Male winner: Chad A. 170 reps

Female winner: Jenny L. 151 reps

Workout #4 “Front Squats & Double-Unders”

Each athlete will perform as many reps as possible of front squats in 3 min.  Men and women will move the loaded barbell (105/155) from the ground to their shoulders. Once in the rack position they will perform as many reps as possible of front squats.  For the rep to count the depth must be obviously below parallel (crease of the hip below the top of the knee) in the bottom of the squat, and “standing tall” with the hip and knee angle completely open at the top.  In the event that the athlete drops the bar to the ground they must perform double-unders (10 female/20 male) before picking the barbell up to resume the front squat reps.  There is no penalty for “resting” with the barbell in the racked position-only if the barbell is dropped! The winner is determined by adding up the total front squat reps.

*scaling for the front squat is 115lbs/75lbs

*scaling for double-unders is tuck jumps with a 12lb ball for women for ten reps, and a 20lb ball for 20 reps for men.

Male winner: Tie-John P. & Brett W. 45 reps

Female winner:  Jenny L. 41 reps


Workout #5 “Dead Sled Kb Snatch Final Workout”

Perform 4 rounds for time of:

5 deadlifts-185/275

100ft Prowler sled push high handles-two 25lb plates women/4 45lb plates men

7 kb snatches each arm-35lb bell women/53lb bell men

100ft Prowler sled push low handles

Time Cap: 12 min

*Scaled weight for women is 155lb deadlift, 10kg 12lb ball on the prowler sled, and 26lb kb for snatches.  Scaled weight for men is 225lb deadlift, two 25lb plates 20 med ball on the prowler sled, and 44lb kb for snatches.

Male winner: Chad A. 5:35

Female winner: Jenny L. 6:54


Chad A. & Jenny L


Prizes will be announced the day of the event.  In addition there will be “bonus” prizes for top finishers on selected workouts throughout the day!