The burpee is a really good exercise that has been hijacked and taken hostage by every other excercise in the gym.  Got a box and want to make a workout? How”bout a burpee boxjump-that will create a nice little twist.  Or give”em some real fun and throw in a burpee pull-up.  What is next? A burpee wall ball?  That is just a guess, I haven”t googled it, but I am sure it exists in Crossfit land. My point in all this is to say that excises with long histories should be the cornerstone of any exercise program that aims for results.  Lets get away from exercise ADD and begin to get exposure to good exercises in a manner that will allow for advancement of technique and strength rather than being concerned if we perform the same movement twice in three weeks.


Dave working on what may possibly be the worst use of the sled yet! If you want proof ask Casey, Brett, and Grant.  These guys did the following workout and nearly meet their maker!

Partner workout A & B

Partner A

In 5 min complete a 200m sled drag w/ 90lbs of additional weight.  Total sled weight was 184lbs

with the remaining time complete as many reps as possible of body weight bench press.  At the completion of 5 min partner B completes the sled pull and bench press while partner A rests. Complete three rounds for total reps of bench press.

This workout was taken from Crossfit East Sac January throwdown (here).  We took it up a notch by piling on a bit more weight and adding two more rounds.  Try it and let us know how you feel!  If possible have a camera ready, you wont want to miss out on some great photo opportunities.