Figure if I post we will move in quicker! Guess we will see. Well, update, the lease is signed, and the bulk of the equipment is ordered and on its way. However, most importantly the word is spreading about the opening of Level 10. As of right now I am still trusting the property management team who promised that the facility would be ready on March 1st.

Level 10 key Concept: What is fitness? Our exercise selection and implementation is directly correlated to our belief, practice and understanding of fitness. So then, a working definition of fitness would be helpful for understanding the means and ends as we move toward an embodyment of our ideal fitness. Fitness, for us, is a concerted effort to maximize proficiency over a broad range of general physical skills. Those skills being: Cardiovascular/respiratory endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, coordination, agility, balance, and accuracy. It is our contention that you are as fit as you are capable in each of these 10 skills. So then, our exercise selection and implementation seeks to develop a “general” fitness that, over multiple and varied modalities, will punish the specialist who seeks maximum improvement in a single area of fitness (i.e just strength or just endurance). However, the general nature of our fitness has been proven to help the specialist as well. For example, endurance athletes working toward a balance of physical skills have shown deficiencies in strength and power that, when addressed, have led to improved running and cycling performance. By the same token strength athletes who formerly had difficulty maneuvering a few flights of stairs, find their strength and recuperation aided by a shift towards more of a metabolic conditioning training component.