Amy recently saw the new Liam Neeson movie “taken“, However, when pressed she admitted that the movie was “not nearly as intense” as Friday”s Fight Gone Bad!!!



Christine will soon be our newest member to leave the fundamentals program and join one of our established group classes.  With Christine”s enthusiasm and determination it will a very short time before she is seeing incredible results.  Oh, and she has great deadlift form to boot!    


Functional Space


Our gym layout is nothing like the typical chain gym. In fact, if the gym down the street went out of business we would have virtually no need for their “equipment”.  Here we use full body functional movements for no more basic of a reason than that they work!  They work for loosing weight, getting stronger, maintaining bone density as well as for life skills such as cutting a quart of wood or building a rock retaining wall.  So I guess you can say our fitness impowers lives outside the gym.  Can the pec dec or leg press machine make such a claim?