Man, I am exhausted form a long weekend and I didn”t do a single squat or clean & jerk! The grind of waiting out two days in the heat with hundreds of other athletes was in and of itself a challenge. Now add in four tough workouts and you can begin to imagine what Brett and Skylar endured these past two days.  Their heart and determination was evident as they gave it everything they had in each of the four workouts.  The last of which was a brutal chipper that began with 25 burpees and 100 meters of walking lunges!!!!

In the end Skylar places 36th out of 110 competitors.   While Brett finished 16th out of 255 competitors.  His top 20 finish moves him onto the Regionals taking place the first weekend in May.  In addition, his top 20 finish makes brett one the top 40 fittest crossfiters from the Northern and Southern California Sectionals.  That is a ton of athletes, folks!!!

So congratulate these fine athletes and ambassadors for our gym.  It is not easy to push with everything you got against some of the fittest people on earth.