Day #12 for our August On-Rampers

Our August “On-Ramp” class just finished up and what a class it was! These folks worked hard, laughed hard and moved better than any previous class.  Due to the holiday weekend we had some people missing…Shannon, Kelly, Cindy, and Kathy you girls got a day one workout to crush!

Note: Our next “On-Ramp” class in starting up on Sept 20th.  Sign-up on line or stop by the gym to reserve your spot today


Brett is getting some amazing care from Fragoso Chiropractic (here) for a strained hip flexor.  While minor injuries for hard charging athletes are inevitable, Brett has since devoted time to address some mobility issues/imbalances in an attempt to avoid any future injuries.  In addition he has kept himself sane by diverting his attention away from the movement that he currently can”t do (deep squats), and instead has shifted his attention to those that don”t affect the injured area.  For example, Brett recently set a personal record by strict pressing 205lbs. His pressing work coupled with muscle-ups, handstand push-ups, pull-ups and all manner of sled work has kept Brett in impressive shape even given this minor setback.

Maintaining leg strength can be done even while temporarily leaving out squats