Q. How long have you been training at Level 10 CrossFit?

A.I”ve been at crossfit for a year now, I just got my anniversary email the other day.

Q. What are some of the changes you have noticed since starting?

A. I”ve noticed so many changes that it”s hard to name them all. Firstly I guess I have to go with the physical change cause that”s the most noticeable one. I think all together since I started crossfit I”ve lost close to 65 pounds, which has been a huge accomplishment for me. My biggest change was after I won second in my second paleo challenge, with a weight loss of 16 pounds. Most people don”t know that I actually broke my back and have had two surgeries on it. So for a long time it was hard for me to get up and do things. Some of that was pure mental holding me back, but when I started my personals and my first on-ramp, there was so much encouragement that it was hard to stop. Then I started my second on ramp and my attitude totally changed. I wanted to be stronger and healthier plus I totally had to take Carl down in my second round of on-ramp. Without the encouragement that Santos and Megan provide plus what I got from a lot of people at the gym it wouldn”t be the same. So many people are there to push you along and I think it made me want to do even better. No matter what class I”ve been in it”s always felt like home. I do miss razzing Carl and Jacque at 4pm not to mention the 120 degree days, but the 6am class has it”s perks to cause Sara W. and Jen don”t let me get away with staying at what I like to call my “go to weight” for workouts. I really don”t think I would be where I”m with my weight loss goals and getting a healthier take on life without level 10 crossfit and everyone there.

Q. What are a few of your CrossFit related fitness goals?  Life goals?

A. For my crossfit goals, I”d like to be able to compete in some kind of cross fit challenge and I”d like to be able to do every workout at rx. Life goals would be to finish my BS so I can get in to UC Davis for physician assistant school.

Q. What celebrity would you least want to be haunted by? Why?

A. Brittany Spears, because one she”s annoying, and can”t sing, but everybody likes her crappy music. Two she has to be the worst role model ever.

Q. What is your least favorite workout?

A. Any workout that has more then one burpee in it.

P.S. It”s been a great year at crossfit and I”d like to say a big thank you everyone for their encouragement and praise, but especially Santos and Megan. I really believe that I wouldn”t have meet my goals for strength and weight loss without crossfit and everyone at the gym. Plus now I can set bigger and better strength goals!