Here is a rundown of the first three workouts for our June 18th “Strength Challenge”. This a general listing of the workouts. The final two workouts as well as scaling, time caps and standards will be released by the end of this week. Spread the word as there are still spots open to compete.

Workout #1

“Ground to Overhead” Ladder. Kinda like the nor-cal regional ladder only better!

Mens bars will begin at 135lbs and move in 10lb increments up to 325lbs. The females bars will begin at 95lbs and move to 185lbs. Above 115lbs the weight increments will be 5lbs.

Workout #2

40 seconds on/20 seconds off of:

Overhead squat (95/66)
Wall Climb with cone touch (5ft wall for males/4ft wall for females)
Db Push Press (25/40)
Boxjump (20/24)
Ghd sit-up

Three rounds for total reps of each movement.

Workout #3 “Got Grip”
1 rope climb (18ft)
3 deadlifts (185/295)
5 weighted pull-ups (17.5/35)

5 rounds for time