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Robb Wolf is a strength & conditioning coach, formerly a research biochemist, living in Chico, CA. Via his blog ( ) you can learn about intermittent fasting, CrossFit, anti-aging medicine, the Paleo Diet, and gluten free living.


 One of the more common explanations that I hear for not eating right is, “I”m to busy to cook a healthy meal”. So, here are a few snack idea”s that will leave you searching for some other reason why you can”t kick the crap carbs and sugar addiction.

* A single hard-boiled egg with an apple

* Baby carrots with some raw almond butter

* Sliced turkey breast with some sliced avocado and a tangerine

* Cubed steak (or chicken) with tomato and spinach

* Fresh berries & raw walnuts sprinkled with cinnamon


Dr. Loren Cordain is one of the leading authorities on the paleo diet. His presentation to direct MS ( ), on The Paleo Diet and Multiple Sclerosis , is available for viewing on YouTube. This is a seven part series, and is highly recommended for anyone with MS, or any other autoimmune disease. If you know anyone who might benefit, please forward them this information.

I also recommend going to Dr Cordain”s websites at http://WWW.THEPALEODIET.COM his site contains a wealth of valuable information on nutrition and health.