Rachael, wall ball

Wall ball is a grinder of a movement that simultaneously requires strength, speed, power, coordination, and endurance.  It is also a movement that seems to find its origin and application solely within the crossfit community. Here are some of the elements needed for proper technique.

*The movement begins with the ball held closely to the chest with the elbows in.  

*What follows is a deep squat (all the finer points of a good body weight squat apply)

*Acending from the squat throw the ball with both hands towards a target 8-10ft high.  The power is expressed perfectly from legs/hip outward toward the arms. 

*Once the ball returns absorb it closely to your body and as fuidly as possible, repeat

Scaleability can be done by simply reducing the weight of the ball as well as reducing or eliminating the squat.  For those unable to squat, a push press version is more that sufficient and requires many of the same physical adaptions.


Shawn completing “Kelly”

(Here) is Crossfit O.G Brendon G. completing the crossfit workout “Karen”.  Checkout his first set…Did I mention he is a beast?


Kellie, Deadlift

“Strong people are harder to kill than weak people, and more useful in general.”-Mark Rippitoe 

For some more of Rip”s hilarious and educating thoughts on lifting click (here) Note: Mostly work and family safe…a few zingers here and there, its Rip!!!  



Scott is rifling through these workouts, getting stronger and moving better overall.  Next up is twenty extra yards off the tee.