The fall edition of the “Paleo Challenge” is nearly here. We will be kicking things off on Monday the 20th of August. If you weren”t here for our last challenge then you may be wondering how this whole thing works…Well here it is:

The challenge will last 8 weeks. During this time participants will be savagely beaten about the head and body until they adopt a caveman, paleo/primal lifestyle i.e good sleep, lean meats, veggies, fruit, healthy fat, and no refined sugar or alcohol.

The top five entrants (based off of aesthetic changes) at the end of the 8 weeks will given the hard task of picking the overall winner.

Every participant must take a before and after picture, as well as pay the $20 entrants fee. Note: if you want a before/after pic you must pay the entrants fee even if you are not gunning for the top spot…consider it added motivation for those trying to get there hands on the cash!

What”s in it for the winner, you ask?

Well, the winner will pocket the whole pot of cash…This could be substantial as the winner of our last challenge took home $500. In addition the person who looses the most overall weight will win a month of group class training.

We will be rolling back our M.V.C (Most Valuable caveman/women) award for those folks that don”t have a huge weight loss/aesthetic goal to reach.  I haven”t quite wrapped my mind around the criteria for this category, however, if you want to lock into your eating for 8 weeks, but don”t necessarily want to lose weight throw your had into the contest anyway.  Remember this challenge is about looking, feeling, and performing better!

So start planning ahead, get out those low carb recipes, and plan ahead in order to be successful at this whole eating thing.


Colin, from Nor Cal SC (here), at our first “Summer Strength Challenge” this past May…The date for our fall challenge will be announced shortly!