This friday December 10th there will be no 6pm class.  Both the 4pm and 5pm class, as well as the morning classes will go on with their normal scheduling.  Likewise our Saturday December 11th 9am class will be canceled as well.  I apologize for any  inconvenience.


In my experience no movement has brought about such vehement anger and frustration as the Double-under.  Jump ropes have been hurled across the room and socially taboo words have been shouted in every direction.  That may be because of the hand-eye coordination, agility, stamina, and endurance needed to excel at double-unders.  Despite their obvious utility some people decry the movement as somehow not worthy of inclusion into a structured S&C program.  I disagree.  Where as other movements deteriorate during the course of a workout (dip depth, Push Press in the forward plane) the double under never changes.  You either got it or not!

Give it a Try!

One of our “Finishers” is a double-under ladder.  This works great for folks on either end of the double-under spectrum.  It goes like this: In seven minutes complete 5 unbroken double-unders. Stop. Then complete 10 double-unders in a row. Stop.  Continute performing as many unbroken sets as possible.  With each successful ladder add five reps to the next rung.  So far our gym record is 45 unbroken reps in seven minutes.  That is 225 unbroken double-unders in 7 minutes!!!!


Em and Cari stoically focusing on the task at hand during our “Summer Strength Challenge.”