My experience has shown that camaraderie and competition grow in equal part. Often the participants who have deep friendships also possess a high desire to perform well towards a common goal. For us this common goal is our definition of fitness . We strive to embody our ideal fitness via the workout of the day (WOD); and it is during these workouts that the true measure of our competition and camaraderie are seen.   Interestingly enough the brand of competition that exist within crossfit”s group fitness model seldom lends itself to fear of failure, back stabbing or cheating.  In fact, the opposite is true! Individuals will gain confidence knowing members of the group have progressed to more difficult movements, dropped time off a workout, or set a PR (personal record) on a particular movement.  In such instances the individuals who have developed a high degree of competition are many times the first to cheer on their well performing classmate…words of encouragement are given, high fives are exchanged and fitness is transformed from a neurotic aesthetic pursuit into a form of play that enriches, inspires and guides every aspect of our lives.