CrossFit is the sport of fitness, and just like other sports we are not without injuries.  This is not an inditement upon CrossFit or our movement as much as it is a statement about the flesh and bone nature of our bodies.  Bodies that require adaptational stressors in order to develop strength, loose body fat, or improve bone density.  In other words the presence of hard physical work.  Such work can manifest itself in the form of stiffness, sore muscles, and sometimes injury.  Yet even at the height of intensity serious injury is extremely rare.  The vast majority of injuries are soft tissue dysfunctions that stretching, planned rest, massage, and heat/ice will quickly elevate. After all you can spend time healing from those nagging injuries or you can sit and watch another episode of Oprah.  You decide.      



Clark is fire-breather of intensity and hard work.  Add that to the fact that he is more than willing to tackle movements that  by nature are difficult, and you have a proven recipe for consistent results.