Be Creative

Creative thinking in programing workouts is key when trying to stay consistent when minor bumps and bruises try and derail your training.  Got a hurt wing?  How about GHD sit-ups, Box jumps, and single arm dumbell overhead squats.   By exercising a little creative thinking you can recoup, and stay sane by not missing your daily dose of CrossFit! Lower extremities causing a serious pain in your gluteus maximus? How are your hand-stands,  muscle-ups, and L sits?  Nearly any way you dice it there is a way to maintain, or even expand your level of fitness during those roadblocks that seems to pop up from time to time.  

Note:During instances of the flu, or when working out is absolutely not an option please refer to the paleo diet main page found ( here), as well as the book Protein Power life Plan by Michael Eades, M.D and Mary Eades M.D found (here



Kinsey recently got bad news…unfortunately a torn meniscus will force her to miss the remainder of the Oroville Tiger basketball season.  Guess she will just have to be the first girl to get 40 pull-ups!!!



Heidi just recently headed out to the land of the cacti-Arizona.  During her trip she had the opportunity to take in an afternoon workout at Crossfit Core located in Pheonix.  How did she do you ask? Well, out of the 16 class participants who completed the workout she ended up with the highest score.  And this wasn”t no powder-puff workout, it just so happened to be “Fight Gone Bad”.  One of the toughest workouts around.  Way to represent L10XF well, Heidi!!!