I know that Summer follows spring, however, it sure was nice to open up the doors and let the 7am class stretch their legs during the WOD today…You can only row for so long!



Here is pic of our saturday “story telling time”…The topic of the morn was monkey awarness (hence the hang”n around).  For more info, or if you want to join the colition for monkey awareness, click (here


One of the most drastic dietary departures from hunter gatherer societies has taken place in the last 150 years.  Got a guess as to what that change may be?  I thought for sure it would be sugar.  After all on average we Americans ingest 150lbs of the stuff per person every year.  How can it be anything other than sugar?  Well, after reading Protein Power  I learned it wasn”t sugar at all, but rather the amount and types of fat.  When one begins to look at the typical American diet (high carb/low fat diet) you will find the Omega 6-to Omega 3 ratio is twenty to fifty time that of our hunter gatherer (HG) ancestors.  This may not mean much to you until you take into consideration that HG”s ate about twice the amount of N-6″s vs N-3″s.  An analogy for this change could be described like this: The carburetor is designed to run on an optimal ration of gas and oxygen.  What would happen if you decided you like the price of diesel better, and plunged 10 gallons of foreign fuel into your grandpa”s 54 chevy?  


Please, Premium gas only!

How did we get from a 2:1 ratio to a 50:1?

Well, we eat our fill of breads, cereals, french fries and a bunch of other processed foods that HG never had access to.  In addition when we eat feed lot animals the grain based (i.e unnatural) diets used to fatten cattle contains omega 6 fatty acids.  This drastically alters the fat profile of the animal from the 2:1 ratio found in wild game and naturally grazing cattle.  

Remember fat doesn”t make you fat

for health you should increase your intake of Omega 3″s.  Avoid using bottled vegitable oils, soybean oil, cottonseed oil, corn oil, canola oil, peanut oil, as well as margarine, shortening, and mayonnaise.  These contain high levels of either n-6″s or trans fats, both of which will negatively impact health.  

Eat this

All this to say: Get on a fish oil supplement, up the dose if you currently eat commercial/non grass feed beef.  Also work in some cold water fish into your diet (sardines, wild salmon, mackerel,  herring, and tuna).  Whenever possible eat wild game, as well as the “good fats” found in olives, olive oil, avocados, almonds and walnuts.