Amy is an amazing person who recently has suffered a huge tragedy.  Read her story and if possible make a donation to help the family in this difficult time.  Please click on the link below to donate through PayPal.

In the beginning, before there was Level 10 Crossfit, there was what I affectionately called “Front Room Crossfit,” meaning that every morning around 7am, Crossfit was taking place in my under-400-square-foot, 80-year-old living/dining room. (Please don’t drop the barbells creates a whole new meaning when you have wood floor and a basement underneath you.) The warm up included moving dining table chairs into the kitchen, couches up against the wall and pulling equipment out into the now “functional” space. It started with Santos coaching Rhonda Libby and I, and Amy Hayse quickly joined us.

From the front room, to a empty half-building, to an entire building that has wall-to-wall black mats, rowers, pull up bars and the rest of the equipment we built up to create Level 10 Crossfit, Amy was there giving it her all at every class she attended and providing support and praise to her peers as she accomplished PR’s along everyone else in the class.

For me, personally, I loved it when Amy would show up to our early morning class (all of us still half asleep) with her shoes still untied but with an open and inviting personality. She always pushed me in workouts and was ready to encourage her peers any chance she got. When she found out she was pregnant for the 3rd time, she worked out hard with modifications all the way until little Addie was born and Amy re-joined us shortly after.

On July 12th, 2011 Amy began experiencing severe pain and was taken to the emergency room. She was immediately flown to Mercy General in Sacramento due to what they eventually would find out was three distinct arterial dissections — and extremely rare and serious diagnosis. These were creating mini-strokes and she was lucky to be alive. Amy spent the next seven days in the hospital with lots of prayers going up for healing and a quick return home.

Now, she has been home for over a month and has been resting and taking it easy while her body tries to recover. She misses her Crossfit family and her church family but has been incredibly blessed by both.

At Level 10 Crossfit, I have seen a diverse group of people, from different backgrounds and life experiences move beyond a community to a family. As part of this family it is with great pleasure that we are dedicating the Fall Strength Challenge to support Amy and her family as she is on the road to recovery and to help with support for the medical bills and whatever else they may need!