Tension has been running high this week due to the uber secrecy surrounding our gym wide affiliate tryouts which will be taking place this Saturday.  If you remember we posted a teaser picture back in november (see post here) which gave some hints as to what will be thrown to all the folks interested in competing for our gym.  Keep in mind that these workout were created nearly three months ago and have remained nearly identical to their original .

Well the time has finally arrived….Your workouts.

WOD #1

3-5k run

We will meet at River Bend park 8:45am. Competitors will be briefed on the run course and given a short time to warm up.  Starting time will begin promptly at 9:05am.

WOD #2

After the run is completed competitors will have time a short break before they are to meet at the gym.  The second WOD will be a sled push and will begin in reverse order of the run (last two competitors will begin first on the sled push).   Starting time will begin promptly at 10:30am.

For this workout each competitor (two per heat) will begin with his/her hands on the sled.  Upon signaling they will run approximately 20ft to a stack of weights (six 45lb plates for men; six 25lb plates for women) along with two bars.  The competitors will then carry the weight(s) to their sled where they will then push the loaded sled across the parking lot.  At their designated spot the competitor will then unload their sled and carry the weight(s) approximatly 20ft to the competitors pre determined location.  They will then push their empty sled back to the start position where the process will begin again.  Competitors can load as many (six) plates, or as few (one) plates as they wish.  The winner is the person who relocates the six plates and two bars the fastest.


All weight plates and bars must be transported by hand from their start position to the sled

Once the plates and/or bars are loaded on the sled they must be pushed the prescribed distance where they will be unloaded by hand and transported to their designated end point.

The workout is complete when the six plates and two bars are in the identical set-up position as when the event started. (see picture below for the start  and end position)

girls/guys affiliate wod

WOD #3

CrossFit Chipper

Workout # 3 will begin promptly at 12:30. And will begin with the top placing athletes competing first. Each athlete will start the workout by rowing 350m.  Once completed they will make their way (25ft) to an empty barbell and a kettlebell.  Weights for girls is a 33lb bar and 35lb kettlebelll, while men will use an empty 45lb bar and a 53lb kettlebell.  Once there they will pick up the bar and bell and in what ever fashion they deem most efficient-make their way down P-hill.  Once at the bottom there will be a 4×6 mat for each competitor. Upon arriving at the mat each individual will drop the empty bar and complete 20 kettlebell swings.  After the prescribed number of reps are completed the athlete will then pick up their empty barbell and ascend P-hill untill they have reached the gym.  At this time each person will return the kettlebell to its previous start position and load their barbell with the prescribed amount of weight (65lb for girls, 95lbs for guys).

Each competitor will then complete:

15 pull-ups

12 squat cleans

9 overhead squats

After completing this triplet each athlete will then shoulder a water filled medicine ball (45lbs for girls/ 70lbs for guys). The reps must alternated from one shoulder to the other with a total of 20 reps (10 each shoulder) begin completed before the athlete can move on.

After the athlete shoulder his/her medicine ball they will again complete the triplet in the same order, and with the same reps:

15 pull-ups

12 squat cleans

9 overhead squats

Once the second triplet is complete the workout is complete!

Notes: Range of motion requirements and the layout of the workout will be explained prior to the start of the wod

WOD # 4

Workout #4 will begin promptly at 4:30pm. Athlete will begin in reverse order of their current standings. This event will be a 3 rep max squat press i.e “thruster.” Each athlete will have ample time to warm-up. Upon their first attempt the clock will begin. They will then have 10 minutes to complete three attempts at a 3 rep max thruster. Not all three attempts must be completed. The squat must be OBVIOUSLY below parallel and must show control at the top with the ear visible when viewed from side. The weight must remain overhead until the arms are fully locked out and the feet are stable. Re-bending of the knees (i.e Jerking) will result in a failed rep.

WOD #5
In the event that there is a tie for the top three men/top three women there will be a sudden death workout. In such an instance the workout will be explained and performed as soon as the final standings are tallied. This workout will remain a mystery until the time in which the workout is/isn”t needed.

Scoring for the workouts:

In each workout the first place finisher will receive 1 point, second place 2 points, third place 3 points etc, etc. With the three lowest mens scores, and the three lowest womens scores earning a spot on the team!!

Good Luck to all the brave competitors