Michael lets off a little steam during a short break from ring dips.  Anyone who has ventured into ring dip territory knows that the instability provided by the rings makes this movement infinitely more difficult than regular bar dips.



February 1st “On Ramp”>>>>>Sold Out

Super excited for the new faces that will be starting up next week for our second “On Ramp” Class.  If you are new to Crossfit this class is for you!  However, if you missed out on this session don”t worry!

February will mark our first mid month “On Ramp” class.  This class will meet on Tuesday and Thursday at 7 pm, as well as on Saturday at 2 in the afternoon.  The class will begin on Tuesday February 16th at 7 pm.

Our “On Ramp” program is geared towards healthy individuals who are new to our training methods.  This is a 4-week series of 12 classes that will focus on teaching you the movements most necessary for entry into our ongoing group class system.  Each class will include a warm up, new exercise orientation, exercise/skill review, and a workout.

Space is limited to 8 individuals, so sign up soon to ensure your spot.  Drop by the gym, call or call


Brooke, one of our “On Ramp” graduates, shows off a solid back squat…Great work, Brooke!


A HUGE thanks goes out to Adam for make some killer custom “CrossFit” pulling straps!  These puppies are legit and perfect for pulling sleds, tires, and what ever else needs to be moved!