Monday is the kick off for our second Paleo Challenge.  This time the rules have changed a bit. Here is the break down:

The Challenge will last eight weeks.

The “buy in” is twenty dollars per person.

After eight weeks we will compare before/after pictures.

The 5 folks that make the most significant body composition shift (aka get sexier) will be chosen by Megan and myself.

These 5 people in turn will vote for the fist, second, and third place winners.

The overall winner will receive all the cash.

The second place finisher will receive two months of free training.

Third place will receive one month of free training.


The last challenge lasted 12 weeks and went through a bunch (and by a bunch I mean a bunch!) of major holidays. This time around we are shortening the challenge, however, I fully expect some even greater results than our first.  This thing is sixty days-treat it as a war with the proper focus and planning and you will see and feel the results of your hard work.  Remember you will look better than than those crap carbs taste!!!!


Stellar results from our last challenge-Are you next?



Who is this mystery person with a fantastic front squat???


Correctly name this person by posting to the comments section and I will do 50 burpees after next saturdays 9am group class