Team Log Squats during Sunday”s workout


Finishing off 100m tire flip #2


The always fun “end of the weekend photo op”


Super excited to see team L10XF put together three solid solid showings on some supper tough workouts.  These workouts left many teams out of luck due to weights and movements used.  For example, 30 thrusters with 50lb dumbells, followed by 15 rings dips is a pretty steep proposition for anyone.  Our group knocked them out!!!


Things We learned this weekend

* Brenda can learn any movement days before the event provided she heaps enough stress on her Coach and teammates! Example: At the gym on Friday ring dips were one-and-done for Brenda, and this was without doing 30 super heavy dumbell thrusters!  However, when game day arrives: no problem.

* James needs extra time to warm up when sprinting.  How else do you explain the fanny waxing he received in the 100m sprit during workout #2.  Oh, did I mention she was 5 foot nothing!?!?!?!?

* Brett is now known as “the guy that went sub 3” after his killer floater workout on Saturday

* Chris knows how to pick parking spots!


For those of you that made the trip let us know what you learned this weekend.  I would love to hear what you thought of the event, teams, competitors etc.