Let no one tell you that CrossFit is all about endless cardio workouts, chipper WODS that take 30 minutes, or delivering the uninitiated trainee an ass waxing workout just to prove how “hard core” we are.  No, here at level 10 CrossFit, we have a plan and a progression for every athlete that trains with us.  This plan starts with your very first session (do you remember your intro workout?) continues through your five mandatory sessions, and gets more individualized as your athletic prowess improves.  The combination of not only training harder but also smarter is an approach that is guaranteed to get you looking, feeling, and moving better than ever!!!!

If your interested is seeing the CrossFit difference feel free to book your free session online () or call 530-403-9866 to inquire about availability


Here are some shots of our 6pm folks working through some strength work








Schedule Change

Our Tuesday/Thursday 5pm Class will be returning to group class programming.  Olympic lifting will now occupy the 6pm T/Th slot only.  If you have any questions please contact Santos.


Crossfit “fix”


John recently admitted to cruising our parking lot, “just to see if anyone was here, so I can sneak in a workout.”  Now, although a little crazy, that is the type of commitment that gets ya fit in no time flat!