Our mind body online software is officially off the ground! The features of this product are phenomenal and ever expanding.  The most important of which is the ability to set up autopay/recurring billing.  This means no more checks or trips to the ATM when your membership is due.

Register and set up your account by clicking () or you can update your account at the gym either before or after class.

After you click on the link you will be promoted to create a username and login.  Once you have submitted a username and password you must wait for approval for administrative approval-i.e me.  Following approval you can begin to make changes to your account, and provide the necessary information to begin auto pay.

My hope is that everyone will be registered with mindbody by July 4th. This change will significantly improve the business side of Crossfit, and ultimately give you a better experience each and every time you workout…



Congratulations to to our  Graduates…School is one area that you definitly want to get done with in record time!




Tommy: A lot of people go to college for seven years.

Richard: Yeah, they”re called Doctors!