Congrats to our very own Brenda Seegert and Cari Mauldin.  Both these ladies got their first muscle-up during WOD #2 of our “fall Strength Challenge.”  Veronica Opazo (Nor Cal Strength & Conditioning) and Paris Mclanahan also conquered this illusive skill during our event this past Saturday.  Congrats on your accomplishment, the rest are much easier!

It is a pretty exciting thing witness a persons first muscle-up.


“That was fun…But I”m going back to OLY lifting!”-Justin Riley, Owner, Crossfit East Sac (here) after Wod #5 of the “Fall Strength Challenge”

“Can we work for one minute, and rest for two?” Gary Baron, Owner, Rocklin Crossfit (here) during Wod #3 of the “Fall Strength Challenge”

“Soreness is overwhelming my body! Feel like I fell off a building, then got bucked off a horse, then trampled by that same horse!-Grant Connor, Level 10 athlete the day after.

“Let me just say, I have never been so sore! And James is mad because I won”t let him touch me, not that that stops him.-Brenda Seegert, Level 10 athlete the day after.


If athletes and attendees have any outstanding pictures from our “Fall Strength Challenge” that you would like to share please send them to