Don”t Let Turkey Day Get the Best of You!!!!

This turkey day L10XF has developed a safe, effective and quick way for you to enjoy as much stuffing, pie and turkey as you can handle without suffering from that nasty mid day carb induced guilt trip.  This proven method need only some test subjects in order to get FDA approval, and if successful will hit stores by Christmas.  Slots are limited so if you are interested there are signups at the gym.  The workout, uh, I mean, experiment will take place on Thanksgiving morning at 9am.   

This workout/experiment will replace our normal thursday morning and evening schedule. With all other classes being canceled.

Friday”s morning and evening schedule will also be canceled, with our normal schedule resuming on Saturday November 29th.

Interestingly enough, preliminary test showed a reduction in Turkey day induced guilt after test subjects participated in “human pinyata.”