This past Saturday three teams of four people, plus a solid group of enthusiastic spectators, packed up and headed down to Crossfit East Sac (here) to compete in their inaugural “East Sac Affiliate Throwdown!”.  Thirty-one teams from near and far converged on East Sac to compete in two (ended up being three for a few teams) killer workouts.  Needless to say the event was a blast!!! Every L10XF member did a spectacular job-sportsmanship, courage and incredible determination was fully exhibited for all to see.  Great work everyone!!!






Our “On Ramp” program has been extremely successful in preparing folks for entry into our group class system. The premise of “ramping up” not only the intensity of the workout, but also the complexity of the movements lets students digest the program in a way that our five “foundations” sessions never did.  That being the case we will now be requiring that all new members complete either the 12 session “On Ramp” program, or the “On Ramp” curriculum via private sessions or small group sessions.  Completing this program will ensure that each person is progressed in a manner that ensures the greatest possibility for future success at Level 10 Crossfit.

Our next “On Ramp” class will begin the first part of march.  The cost is $150 dollars and is limited to eight individuals.  Call 530-403-9866 to reserve your spot today

More info will be available shortly


Pick the slogan get a shirt!

This past weekend we saw a bunch of funny and creative shirts on display at the East Sac “Throwdown”  Well, if you think you”ve got a cleaver, funny and clean slogan for a T-shirt put it up on the white board in the gym.  If your slogan is picked it will be featured on our next batch of apparel.  As cool as that is I will also throw in a free shirt for your effort.