Saturday June 20th will mark our third “gym-wide-workout”. For our latest installment we will again be joined by CrossFit Redding-who will prove once again that they thoroughly enjoy a good”ol fanny kicking WOD. As usual the warm-up will begin at 9am with the workout to begin shortly after. Once everyone has finished the madness we will make way to Papa Wensel”s for some grass-feed beef and vitamin D synthesis. 
The Ranch gets an upgrade

Poking around on the Crossfit One Word site and what did I see?  Well it was the “Ranch”, site of the CrossFit Games, with some particularly appealing upgrades.  Guess this is how they are going to accommodate a few hundred athletes.  For those who have never been to the site of the games, the asphalt is newly poured, the hills have been smoothed out and bleachers should be installed by the time we make our trek back.



Speaking of the Games

Our affiliate team is almost complete.  Currently our girls are set: Heidi, Skylar, Megan, and Cari will bring the ruckus on the ladies side. While  Brett will carry the torch for the guys.  The last male spot will be filled in the coming weeks.  If competing is something your interested in, either this year or the next, the criteria is as follows: Have fun and give your best effort every workout.


Skylar fell short of making this years CrossFit Games, However, she deserves huge props for give some inspiring performances.