Add another to the mix

Debbie came by for her second Crossfit workout and is very excited about being able to make it on a regular basis. Great rowing form Debbie!!  

Over-Head Squats

Shawn and Amy stopped by yesterday morning with the boys to get in a workout. These two did a great job working on their overhead squat! Shawn is warming up with a dowel below.  While Amy is focusing hard to perfect this difficult movement. Way to go guys!

Go Bonnie Go!!

Bonnie stopped by for her first workout at L10XF, and upon walking in she proclaimed, "I am scared of you!" Well, news flash, everyone else needs to be scared cause in a few month we are going to have a half marathon killer in our midst.

Two workouts down

Lexi stopped by for the second of hopefully many workouts. Last time she showed great rowing form and even a “skin the cat” on the rings! This time she sprang near perfect push-up form on me. Great Job!!! I am posting this video because I have tried...