The “fake healthy” beverages of Vitamin water has landed them in court.  The Coca-Cola line of beverages” use of healthy buzz words such as, “defense,”energy” and “endurance” as well as their claim to help prevent decease and support immune function has lead the Center for Science in the Public Interest to file a lawsuit based on “deceptive and misleading claims.”

Personal responsibility is an important virtue to have whenever trying to make lifestyle altering changes.  So, with that being said, here are a few reasons why beverages such as these should be nixed from your diet pronto!

* 6 tablespoons of sugar per bottle.

* Vitamin water contains 50 calories per 8 ounce serving.

* The word “natural” is basically meaning less  now-days based on the manipulative marketing practices of companies.    

I am personally convinced, based on the length of time that calorie dense liquids have been in our diets, that our bodies can”t makes sense of such foods.  So leave the sugar water alone and stick to what nature made-water and green tea!


Just say No!



Kinsey stopped in for a little mid season tune up!


Rhonda, our prego crossfiter, capped off a smooth pregnancy with an even smoother birth.  Little Bella arrived on Monday January 26th; Afterward Rhonda said the birthing process was like, “the hardest workout imaginable.”  Well, good work, your time will be hard to beat!!!


Rhonda, Kurt, and baby Bella


Picture a day


This is a picture of our first workout in what is now Level 10 Crossfit.  I say “now” because this place would be simply an oversized Tuff Shed if not for the amazing people who we get to continually share our life with.  So thank you to each of you who show up, sweat, laugh, encourage, correct, praise, and support.