Strength Challenge

Saturday – November 6th,2010

Our Fall Strength Challenge event has been set for November 6th, 2010.  This event will feature 5 workouts spread throughout the day.


How do I register?

You can register by clicking here.

How much is it to participate?

The entry fee is $35, paid during registration through MindBody. Register by Saturday October 23rd and receive an event t-shirt

How many people get to participate?

We will have 40 males and 24 females.  Once we hit capacity, the event is sold out.

Will their be age and weight classes?

No.  Age and weight classes would add logistical components to the challenge that would hinder this event from running as smoothly as possible.
Will the workouts be scaleable?
Yes.  Every workouts will have very specific scaling options as well as time caps to ensure time for all five events.

When will the workouts be posted?

The first 4 workouts will be posted here on on Wednesday November 3rd.
What time is each workout going to start?
The first workout will start at 9:00am.  The second will start at 10:30am.  The third will begin at 1:00pm.  The fourth will begin at 4:30.  The fifth workout will start at 6:00pm.  All times are subject to change.

How will the heats be seeded?

The first three workouts will be seeded based on alphabetical order by last name.  The following two workouts will be seeded based on the ranking after the first three workout placings.

Are there awards?

Are you kidding?  What’s the point in competing, if not for awards?

Can I advertise the Summer Strength Challenge on my website?

Of course.  If you would like a banner ad like the one on the right, add the following code to your sidebar: