Gym Rules

  1. All new Level 2/3 class members must successfully complete our “On Ramp” Class held each month. For people with scheduling conflicts the on ramp curriculum may be completed privately with one of our trainers.  –  (The only exception to the this rule would be in the case of an athlete transferring over from another Crossfit facility.  In this instance a “test in” day would need to be scheduled in order to verify that the individual has had the proper instruction on the core movements that are performed in our classes.)
  2. In the case of a missed class you may not “roll over” the day to next month, or even the next week.  If a class is missed the make up day is our saturday 9am class.  Roll over classes present a logistical nightmare when individuals attempt to get their missed days in at the end of the month.
  3. We have an auto debit system for our monthly class rates and  all members are encouraged to sign up for this service.  For those individuals that would rather pay  by cash or check a minimum of four months of membership dues are required.
  4. Auto payments can be put on hold for up to 90 days once per year with no penalty.  Any more than once may result in an increase in your monthly bill based on the current class rate at the time.
  5. Class participants who miss a prolonged amount of time may be required to re-enroll in our “On Ramp” program, as well as be subject to the current class rate at the time.
  6. There are no refunds of either private training or group class memberships.  However, ones sessions or class dues may be put on hold or transferred.  In the event of a transfer you must provide a written statement communicating your intention to forgo your sessions or class membership.
  7. In the event of a missed session you must notify your trainer 24 hours in advance.  failure to do so will result in a “no show” with the session being charged to your account.
  8. Drop in clients are welcome provided they have had exposure to the core CrossFit movements.  In such instances we do require contact to be made between the attending athlete and the head trainer.  Some workouts have more complex movements than other so don’t “drop in” unannounced and expect to jump in an established group class.