3 Plans For Fitness

Getting start at Level 10 CrossFit is easy-Call us at 530.403.9866 to set up a time for a free introductory session.  This one-one-one introductory session is intended to educate you on our unique brand of fitness, as well as give you a chance to experience a workout.  This time also give us a change to get to know you, your goals, your workout history, your current level of fitness etc.  After the intro session you will be guided through our “3 Plans for fitness” (see below) in order to help you choose the plan which helps you to reach your goals efficiently and effectively.

1) One on one training – For those desiring a highly individualized training and nutritional prescription. This includes dietary analysis and planning, functional movement screen, as well as body fat tracking. One-on-one training is also an appropriate first step in obtaining mastery of our movements, or as a means to work on a specific area of fitness that may be lacking.
2) Couples training – The support of family and friends can be a huge motivating factor in helping achieve your goals. So then, what better way to stay on track than working out with those you love.
Create your own small group class with family, friends, or co-workers. A great and fun option that is convenient and will get you the results you want!
3) Group training – Group classes offer an intense workout in a group environment. Training with a group provides competition, comradery and encouragement. It doesn’t matter what your current level of fitness is, you will learn to test your limits under strict supervision and with the support of your trainer and classmates.